Packaging Applications

HFFS & VFFS Solutions

We supply a variety of flexible packaging materials that have proven results on a variety of machine suppliers.

We partner with key machine suppliers to ensure you get the best result for your product.

We provide a full technical service from auditing to trials and technical support.


We have a wide range of peelable lidding film applications to suit, these involve:

  • ECOPeel - Range of economic lidding suited for less demanding applications.
  • PRIMAPeel - Our premium lidding range, providing excellent sealing performance.
  • ENVIROPeel - Lidding solutions for a variety of environmentally ‘greener’ tray options.

We also supply weld seal films/laminates for a variety of trays.

All combinations can incorporate high barrier structures.

Pouch & Bag Solutions

We can source bespoke pouches suited to your requirements.

D&M are experienced in pouch technology, and therefore can help to source the right packaging solution for your application.

Challenging Applications

D&M also support specialised areas, such as:

  • Ovenable & Microwaveable Applications
  • Paper / Strip Lamination Industrial Applications
  • Medical Applications
  • Retortable/Sterilisable